Good News Realty

"Very happy with Rod Greene! Worked hard for the sake of our business. Have recommended will continue to do so. Will use again in the future."
Melvine Conn

"Rod Greene was extremely helpful in the sale of my house in Clymer, Pennsylvania. After the home inspection, prior to the closing, Rod quite effectively oversaw the correction of the inspection punch list.Also, he found very reasonable prices for some heaters included as part of the transaction. Coordination of work, inspections, legal reps and communication with the buyer was flawless.This was a great help to me since I live quite a distance from the property that sold"
Joseph Kowlaski

"Thank you for taking the time and interest. When other's in your area weren't interested in our small project, you were succesful. "
M. Lee

"Rod worked very hard and well to complete this transaction."
Robert & Carol Anslinger

"Thanks Rod.  You were there when I needed you and gave me sound advice when I asked.  You handled things in a professional manner, yet, allowed me to make the decisions."
James Rankin

"Rod Greene is an honest man, a sincerely good person, so I chose Rod!  I have been greatly pleased with everything Rod & Heidi have done for me."
Betty Barbi

"Good, swift action."
Robert & Carol Anslinger

"Good News Realty was so helpful and very responsive to my phone calls. I appreciate Rod following up with me; their customer service is excellent."
Renne Carls

"You both worked hard & were patient for this deal to happen."
J D McCombie

"Kept us informed - gave us suggestions."
Mr. & Mrs. McGarvey

"I dealt with Rod on the sale of our house and was very satisfied with the way the house was handled.  I highly recommend him as a real estate agent.  Thanks again Rod."
John Davis

"I had a great experience with Good News Realty. With great input for Rod Greene, the estate was sold in about 6 months where other realtors that I used before could not even get an offer. Even better, it was enjoyable dealing with a Christian Realtor who was completely honest the entire process!! There's nothing better than complete honesty and guidance throughout to get the sale finalized!!"
William Anderson


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